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Unity is one of our strengths: colleagues of different technical skill combine traditional values with new ideas. Our employees embody the values of dependability, honesty and commitment in their various projects.

Our focus is on sustainability. We are very aware as a company, of our social responsibility for environmental protection.

Our first priority is to professionally provide access to sustainable solutions to allow us to exceed customer expectations.

Apeiron brings innovative process and supervisory control to renewable energy, electrical and instrumentation control panels while helping customers to deliver products with greater performance.

We Provide Solar Product


Solar Roadways.


Scientists are working to implement solar panels on highways, as a result, they will generate electricity and generated electricity will be sent to grid power stations. This application is beneficial and will generate more power. This is helping overcome electricity outage for industries which require a higher amount of electricity.

Space Based Solar Technology


Satellites will capture sunlight and generate it into microwave energy. Earth will use the microwave energy and convert it into electrical energy.

Solar Floating Panel


Solar energy is a clean and renewable alternative to fossil fuels, and floating solar provides even more benefits to resource intensive industries. With increasing interest in floating solar, also known as floating PV (photovoltaic) or FPV, studies have started emerging where the benefits of installing PV systems on water instead of land are examined.

We now know there are several benefits, both financial and environmental, some of which can give floating solar plants a big advantage over land-based alternatives



To harness the environment friendly Renewable Energy sources and to enhance their contribution to the socio-economic development.

To meet and supplement rural energy needs through sustainable RENEWABLE ENERGY projects.

To supplement efforts in bridging the gap between demand and supply of power, with renewable energy sources and strengthening the grid system.

To create public awareness and involve users/local community along with capacity building in establishing, operating and managing Renewable Energy projects.


Don't let environment be dirty if you really need a healthy life! Earth is the only planet having the favorable environment for life!

Health & Safety

Safety is one of the highest priorities within Industriel. It is imperative that everyone follows the policies and guidelines to ensure their own safety and the safety of others around them.


The integrity and durability of our solar partners is a contributing factor to our ongoing success.


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